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Bonei Olam began as an organization with a mission to fund and sponsor medical fertility treatments.

Upon recognizing the need, Bonei Olam expanded to cover finances relating to all the options, including adoption, of couples’ pursuit of having healthy children. Bonei Olam covers adoption related costs, including but not limited to attorneys fees, court, social work, travel expenses and adoption fees.

As with medical treatments, Bonei Olam defrays the cost so that couples who choose to adopt are able to do so without worrying about the extra burden of finances. Bonei Olam has an extensive network of adoption professionals and experts domestically and internationally who assist couples in their quest to adopt a child.

The costs relating to adoption are indeed astronomical. Bonei Olam does not differentiate between couples who are pursuing medical treatment or adoption as a means to build their families. Bonei Olam makes itself available to help couples resolve the issue of childlessness, regardless of the form of resolution, and encourages couples seeking to adopt to pursue their dreams. Bonei Olam helps turn those dreams into reality by providing the financial assistance to make it possible.

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