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It is now more feasible than ever for individuals who need treatments for cancer to secure their chances of having healthy children of their own.

Bonei Olam is unequivocally committed to giving every couple the chance and opportunity to become joyful parents of healthy children. When an individual- whether married or still a child- needs cancer treatment, Bonei Olam finances the necessary treatment prior to the cancer treatments so that when they are well again it will be possible for this individual to build a family – something which was unheard of until recently.

As for individuals or couples who have been treated in the past for cancer without having had the opportunity to take the necessary preventive measures to maximize their chances of having their own children, Bonei Olam remains devoted to helping them find a solution. Bonei Olam’s mission is to help every couple build a family, regardless of prior illness or post treatment unrelated to fertility equally.

The pre/post cancer program which Bonei Olam has so painstakingly created is proof positive, attesting to the care and determination that Bonei Olam has for all Jewish families across the globe.

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