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I have said this to many people. What's $1 a week to most people, and yet each week it enables another couple to try to have a child. It is another testament to Jewish women around the world who will always help a fellow Yid, even strangers. מי כמוך ישראל?
This campaign is really unbelievable! We went to a simcha for shabbos and was put up by someone and we were bentching licht and this stranger and I were both davening for the same couples! It is so powerful!!
Your project is such an inspiration to my husband and myself. We signed up a while ago and were constantly checking where the numbers were holding. When the first goal was reached, we were ecstatic, and when the numbers kept climbing, we were overjoyed. You do such amazing things for klal Yisrael. May Hashem repay you a thousand-fold for your hard work and may He grant you continued success in your avodas hakodesh.
Everyone wants to help those struggling with infertility but may not be able to financially. This initiative gives us a feasible way to help couples. Thank you for your incredible work!! May we all celebrate many more children born to the Jewish nation!
Firstly, to the leaders and participants of this most important fund; this is perhaps the greatest quest possible. I awe your dedication and envy your share on the next - absolutely awesome.Secondly, I believe that Hashem showering us and our generation with boundless nissim gluyim, as this organization is such an important part of, than why stop here? Hashem will surely Continue to recognize our efforts & grant us unlimited success.Thank you profusely for allowing us to be a part of this historic opportunity.
Having a goal to reach pushes people to continue spreading the word! I signed up when it was still in the 12,000s and I checked every day and watched the numbers grow, just amazed that I was a part of something bigger. What you do is inspiring, please continue!
Having many friends going through IF and waiting for a child of their own, whatever their reason, as we did for 7 years, you don't take no for an answer and you don't give no as an answer. Who are we to limit someone's dreams?? Keep it going! Hashem helps! May we share in Bsuros Tovos and Simchos!!
Honored to be part of this campaign. Bh I'm busy with a large family so happy to keep in mind others with tefillos and an amount of money which is totally doable!
Hopefully, it can even get to 50,00 at a later date! You are not asking for a lot, it is mechazek us (givers and receivers) to know we are in this together. I like the poll idea- by giving the space to 'opt out'- letting us 'choose,' encourages everyone to be into it and excited to support it. Tizku lmitzvos- thanks for all you do for the klal!
I am grateful for bonei olam. Such a small thing became so BIGG!! I am #31 of over 25,000 ppl!! What a zechus!!
I am so grateful to be part of something so incredibly big and powerful. It's an inspiration that one little dollar can mean so much and make such a difference. Kol hakavod! Definitely reach for the stars!!!
I am wowed by your devotion to these couples! Keep on going!
I B†H am benched with kids!! I find this program so so beautiful. I have encouraged many people to sign up. The opportunity to Daven for someone else who is going through a different set of challenges than me helps me pour out my heart for them. I hope to never know of their pain. Hashem should answer all our tefillos!!!
I have been blessed with a little tzaddik who is now 6 years old through the help of bonei olam. I am beyond grateful to Hashem for allowing Bonei olam to be our shaliach.
I still know so many more women who haven't joined, I think we should keep at it until just about every woman in klal yisroel is a part of this special initiative!
I think that what you are doing is so simple on the donors behalf and such a big deal on the receiver's behalf. It would be great to get as many people as possible to sign up. Hatzlocha!
I think this idea of $1 a week for candle lighting is phenomenal!! Definitely up the goal to 36,000 as there are def more people wo would want to avail them selves to this wonderful opportunity!!
I would like to share my very own experience which made me press the 36000.without even blinking an eye. We just witnessed the miracle of giving birth to a beautiful healthy baby boy after struggling for ten years!! This is a moment I wish every single Yiddish couple to experience, the joy is  beyond words.... I wish you much hatzlacha
If every person signed up gets one person to sign up we can help just about 3 couples every week.
If you can go past there just keep it going. Never stop what you do,  your incredible
if you have children u know how much people that are waiting for children are missing out on be kind and find a place in your heart to donate 1$ a week of thanking hashem for what you have and giving it to help someone who is wishing for a child
I'm not sure how or if the goal will be reached - But outcomes are never in our hands anyway. We have to show Hashem that we want to do whatever we can to help His children, and leave the rest up to Him:) ...Chazak V'amatz!
It's  such a beautiful thing and I think most people have suffered something in the aspect of having children or know someone who has/is suffering. I feel every married woman can relate to this on some level. Tizku Lmitzvot
Keep up your VERY important VERY HEILIGE work.  I am totally blown away by the idea that with money, plain old money! we can actually help a precious yiddishe couple build a family!!  AND TEFILLOS, OF COURSE!
May everyone joining in this great mitzvah be gebentched ad bli dai, and may the simchos everyone needs start coming and continue in abundance.  Hakadosh Boruch Hu should see the beautiful and wonderful achdus in Klal Yisrael and bring the geulah shlaima now!!!  Tizku lmitzvos.
Much Hatzlachah in this Avodas Hakodesh.
Shkoyach to everything you do
Thank you for giving us the opportunity to be able to help out in such a nice way and be a part of something so Awesome!!!
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be part of such a beautiful project. I've been part from early on and have a list with all the names and daven for everyone.  I get emotional every time again when I try and tell people to join. I'm sure you can reach 36000 and looking forward to hear lots of good news. Thank you for all you do
Thank you for giving me this zechus!!!
Thank you for the zchus of helping these couples! Keep up the great work!
Thank you so much for all the amazing things you do to help so many in klal Yisroel!
The amazing work that your organization is worth all the effort. As you know, each child is a world. In this generation with the medical knowledge that Hashem has given to the world, money should not stop a couple from becoming parents. In addition, the emotional support and  halachik guidance are also extremely exlemplary. Please continue to do the amazing work you do!
the campaign is really unbelievable! We went to a simcha for shabbos and was put up by someone and we were bentching licht and this stranger and I were both davening for the same couples! It is so powerful!!
The work you do is amazing and I know so many people struggling. BH after 3 years of marriage we gave birth to our first son, but I hadn’t known about Bonei olam then. Had I known, maybe it would have been a shorter journey or atleast felt a part of something. The more we can help the better , and the more families we can build ... what a zechus for klal yisrael .
This campaign is unbelievable and I feel privileged to be zocheh to a part of it. May Hakadosh Baruch Hu continue to give Bonei Olam siyata dishmaya in all that they do and may we hear many Mazel tovs very soon iyH!
this is a great program- i think of the donation each time I light candles Friday night!! makes me feel good knowing i am giving charity daily
This is an amazing program and I'm proud to contribute every week!
This is so inspiring, may Hashem give you tremendous siyaata dismaya and looking forward to hearing lots of babies being born v soon
Tizku l'mitzvos!! Thank you for giving me the zechus to be part of an incredible opportunity!
We are so inspired by your campaign. Wishing you continued Hatzlocha
we learn from moshe rabbeinu, begin and Hashem will help
What a beautiful initiative!! Let the whole world join in! Hatzlacha
What you do is beyond amazing! Hashem should repay you kiflei kiflayim and your services should no longer be needed by so many...Have a good shabbos!
When I saw u reached 2500 my first thought was imagine we can reach 3600 and fund 2 couples a week!
When we got married 48 years ago, we too had difficulty having children. We were lucky & after 5 years Hashem provided. But we didn't have an organization like Bonei Olem to help us & had to do it all on our own. How wonderful that today couples have this support system.
Yes $1 a week is such a small commitment but funding an ivf cycle is tremendous! Literally giving life
YES YES YES. Let's up the goal. we will try to reach out to more people. we can do this!!
There is nothing more we can do for our sisters that are waiting....  Its just daven and give tzedaka in their zechus. Thank you Bonei Olam for all that you do for our sisters and brothers!
 This is a most worthy cause as I know the infertility journey myself. I am so happy to be part of such a huge initiative of chesed. Keep on going!! And may Hashem give you brachos b'shefa in all your endeavors.
 This is the most special thing I pray each week by the candles as if it were people I know personally for their success that week in treatments!
You are doing such incredible work and making helping others so accessible for everyone now. Thank you for the opportunity!
you give people hope. you really should keep going.  i would be happy to double my donation.
Your avodas hakodesh is a tremendous inspiration and should be a zechus for you and all of klal Yisroel. Mi kamcha Yisroel   HaShem, look at your precious children, and please have rachmonus on us all.  May we All, share Bsoros tovos and yeshuos Bkorov.
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