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The "V'zakeini" initiative harnesses the unique power that Jewish women possess
while lighting their Shabbos candles, uniting women from across the globe.
The cost of IVF treatment for a couple is $18,000, an amount that is too costly for
many people, who turn to Bonei Olam for funds to cover the necessary procedures.
Through the "V'zakeini" initiative, a pool of 18,000 women
will be donating $1 at candle-lighting time every Erev Shabbos and Yom Tov.
This will allow an additional 59 couples to receive the treatments they so desperately need over the next year, one couple a week.
Together with the heartfelt tefillos recited by the 18,000 women at hadlokas neiros, these couples will iy"H merit to see the
fulfillment of their dream: their very own child.
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