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Advanced Andrology Solutions
Advanced Andrology Solutions

Living as we do in a culture that revolves around family, infertility is a major challenge, leaving those who have yet to achieve their dream of parenthood continually faced with painful reminders of their childless status. While for years infertility was thought to be primarily a woman’s issue, the American Society for Reproductive Medicine reported that infertility affects both men and women equally, with the male partner either the sole cause or a contributing cause of infertility in approximately 40 percent of all cases. Infertility rates continue to rise, particularly among men. While over 90 percent of male infertility cases are due to zero or low sperm counts, poor sperm quality or both, other possible causes include genetic diseases, hormonal problems, illnesses, infections, birth defects, injuries physical trauma or side effects caused by medications, radiation or chemotherapy. While over the years numerous treatments have been developed to promote male fertility, there are still many individuals who have seen no success. Baruch Hashem, new developments in Israel have shown incredible results, finally offering a ray of hope to those who have long been told that they would never be able to have children of their own. This groundbreaking technology will allow us to treat an even greater number of male infertility cases and Bonei Olam is embarking on the creation of an Advanced Andrology Laboratory (AAL) which will employ these revolutionary developments to benefit those whose infertility has yet to be successfully addressed. The creation of an AAL will address various types of male infertility including those who have been diagnosed with unobstructed azoospermia, the absence of sperm in a semen analysis due to zero or low sperm production or a problem with transport of sperm. We are confident that the AAL holds the key for many of those who struggle with male infertility and that with siyata dishmaya it will bring these couples the biggest bracha of all, that of a healthy child.

Current Treatments

Until recently, the accepted protocol for men with potential sperm production issues was a standard semen analysis, typically performed by an IVF lab. As sperm are single cells that can only be viewed microscopically, and the field typically viewed under a microscope is just one thousandth of a teaspoon, it is understandable that most labs would find analyzing an entire sample to be an insurmountable feat, and typically just a small fraction of the specimen retrieved would be scrutinized. Yet research has shown that even in poor specimens there may still be sporadic viable sperm and, furthermore, in those rare cases where single isolated sperm were identified, no options existed to preserve these cells for future use. The result? Patients were incorrectly diagnosed with azoospermia and often subjected to unnecessary, costly and potentially risky surgeries to retrieve sperm, when in fact functional sperm, which could have been used to achieve a successful pregnancy, was actually present in their samples, leading them to extensive surgery at best and unnecessarily childlessness at worst. For years, those diagnosed with azoospermia had few options, with the cost, lack of expertise and the dearth of qualified professionals in the field providing little cause for optimism.

New Developments

The new Israeli research, however, has yielded incredible results. Specialists have developed a methodical approach for searching entire semen samples for viable sperm, the technique to ensure the recovery of even minute quantities of preserved sperm and have invented and manufactured sophisticated devices that allow for the cryopreservation and recovery of single cells. These advances have created wonderful opportunities for those with azoospermia as well as others who struggle with male infertility.

Bonei Olam Project

Having brought in medical teams that are well versed in this new technology on two separate occasions, we have already experienced tremendous hatzlacha. We have saved several patients who originally presented with no sperm from unnecessary surgery and using these new techniques many couples have achieved positive outcomes. The results that we have seen have been nothing short of astonishing and we are confident that b’ezras Hashem, the creation of the AAL will allow a significant number of couples to be blessed with children of their own. These exciting breakthroughs have astounding potential, but come with a significant price tag which includes covering the cost of sophisticated equipment and specialized medical staff to be flown in from Israel several times per year. For couples who are dealing with male infertility, the promise of parenthood has been brought tantalizingly closer with this new technology that has the ability to transform bereft couples into ecstatic parents, if only we can find generous individuals who can help us shoulder the costs involved. No couple should ever be denied a child simply because of financial reasons. We ask you to partner with us in this revolutionary endeavor so that we can make medical miracles happen and help those who struggle with male infertility see their fondest dreams become their new reality as they are blessed with the ultimate bracha.